About Presage

Presage Research is a Mexican company founded in 2013.

Our mission is to help our clients leverage the data revolution by designing predictive models across a wide range of applications, both in the public and private sectors.

Our vision is for individuals and organizations to integrate into adaptable, non-static systems. Thanks to the impact of the data revolution, we have been able to model such adaptive systems.

Our goal is to develop a recognizable brand that captures the uniqueness of what the company does and its value proposition. We seek to clearly communicate to clients the immense potential value inherent in their data, knowing that the world is caught up in a data revolution, and those who can harness this unique moment will gain a significant competitive advantage.

We are a multicultural group of researchers from different disciplines dedicated to model development, with a proven experience of at least 10 years in multiple projects across various business domains. We have collaborated on over 60 prediction projects for Fortune 500 companies in Europe, USA, Asia, and Latin America.

Modeling such behaviors will save lives, make individuals and organizations more productive, and increase profit margins, to name a few examples. In summary, these models can make the world a much better place.