Turning complex data sets into actionable intelligence.

What we do

We turn data into value. We are “Presage inside”. Through our Plan to Predict process, we utilise Hybrid Intelligence to optimise your organisation’s Decision Cycles, creating a custom Intelligent Middleware tailored to your organisation’s particular Decision Cycles that integrates with the back-end and front-end of your current systems.

Given that the world is complex and adaptive, we use a Bayesian framework to create predictive and prescriptive models that enable continuous improvement of an organisation´s Decision Cycles. We understand why decisions that worked well today may not work tomorrow, and we recommend the best course of action to take. In this way, our models not only predict, answering the questions: Who? What? Where? and When? but also focus on the questions everyone asks: Why? and What should we do?

There are three fundamental steps in how Presage turns science into solutions:

  1. Characterise an organisation´s current Decision Cycles using the Plan to Predict process.
  2. Create predictive and prescriptive models that can drive improvement in those cycles.
  3. Implement the models in an Intelligent Middleware that can be inserted into existing back and front ends and either integrated into current workflows or used to generate new, improved workflows.