Representing over 15 years of academic and real-world research and development.


Presage’s principal Intellectual Property is its HIPRE (Hybrid Intelligent Predictive Modelling) Platform. Containing over 100,000 lines of code and representing more than 15 years of private and public research, HIPRE allows for the creation of Decision Cycle powering Bayesian predictive and prescriptive models quickly and efficiently which can then be incorporated into our clients’ existing systems and workflows.

Its use does not require advanced knowledge of machine learning, Bayesian inference or advanced programming skills. Rather, its purpose is to permit the Presage team to concentrate on applying Human Intelligence to how the models can be incorporated into the client’s Decision Cycles and generate value.

Given that organisations contain many Decision Cycles, HIPRE allows for models to be created, evaluated and adjusted in a continuous process of hypothesis generation and validation extremely quickly, allowing for an efficient and scalable cycle improvement process that can be quickly and effectively applied to multiple decisions.